Geoff Bradford videos

This is the "development" site for -- the idea is to keep that site tightly focused, but to be able to try new things here. There is a link "Working" in the menu bar with pages for charts and other working documents.

Originally I was going to do a CD titled "La Vie Nocturne" with 13 songs, but then decided to focus on just 5 songs for an EP release titled "Texas Psychedelic". That CD is now available for purchase, see the 'Contact' page. Below I have the 5 videos for the songs on the EP, further down I have videos for the other 8 songs

1. Videos for Texas Psychedelic EP

Texas Psychedelic

The Auto-Icon of Jeremy Bentham and Ceaușescu

This Empty Meaningless Life


This Time It’s Different

Making a connection

Drunken Bitter Messages

Borderline Personality Cluster B

The Words He Didn’t Say

Facing up to reality and getting on with your life

2. Videos for La Vie Nocturne

La Vie Nocturne

Instrumental intro


Being who you are

Seductive Glance

Bossa Nova

My Need

I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes

I'm Still Loving You

After Frédéric Chopin and George Sand


The isolation of being different

L'amour c'est comme une cigarette

In French, cover with rewritten verses