Notes on Equipment

The bass system I use is very simple, an Ibanez SoundGear SR400EQM bass and a Fender Rumble 500 bass amplifier.  I also have a couple of Mark Bass amplifiers.

It’s not my thing to experiment with a variety of tones, I’m just trying to master a single sound. I believe in the words of Jaco Pastorius, “it’s all in the hands.”  People often think of the Ibanez as student level, but it suits me.  I like the narrow neck, as I don’t have a lot of rotation in my left wrist.

I am not particularly sentimental about old instruments.  For me, it’s like cars. You can see an old car and find it beautiful, and feel the nostalgia. But no one will say that today’s cars aren’t better technically. 

The guitar I use most often for writing is a Cordoba nylon-string, it’s easy on the hands!  I also have a Martin OMCPA5.

For home recording, I use Reaper on a Dell Precision workstation with 16gb RAM, running Windows 10.  I’m not an accomplished home recordist, I’m just trying to get ideas down.  To get better quality on the vocals, I got an AKG P220 condensor mike.

I write charts for all my songs, I use Musescore 3 for that.