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I went on a vacation to India for several weeks at the end of 2018. While I was there, I wrote a song called "Don't Deny Me Your Love" that I thought was good. I wanted to record it so it sounded like a record, without knowing exactly how to do that. At first I thought I would be a writer and producer, and get other people to sing my songs. I did two songs like that, "Don't Deny Me You're Love" and "The Biggest Lie", then decided I should sing the songs myself. The version of "I'm Still Loving You" below was an early effort in that direction.

Don’t Deny Me Your Love

Written during a trip to India in 2018

The Biggest Lie

When you want to believe something, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking it's true

I’m Still Loving You (1st video)

Breakup song after Frederic Chopin and George Sand, written during trip to Europe